Unified Communications

Unified communications software is taking voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) technology to the next level, transforming ordinary business phones and desktop computers into a virtual communications platform.

The central contribution of unified communications technology is integration. The system brings together all available communication modalities and makes them available on a robust multimedia interface.

Our team is committed to improved results for our clients through Unified Communications. Our vision is that business processes in your enterprise can be significantly streamlined, accelerated, or enhanced by applying the principles and methods of Unified Communications.

The measurable results will appear as combinations of lower costs, improved customer/constituent service, increased revenue, or better asset utilization.

INETMINDS has the experience, skills and tools to assist your enterprise in achieving improved results through UC. Each consultant in our team has solid, in-depth credentials in discovery, analysis, design, selection and implementation of unified communications solutions and applications.

We maintain our standards through best practices including careful consultant screening, UC qualifications, peer review, and quality assurance. Our commitment to excellence benefits your enterprise by delivering a high-quality yet economical project outcome in the targeted scope and timeframe.

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