Enterprise Network Engineering

We manage and maintain your network to improve operational performance and allocation of internal resources.

Today’s business environment is built around secure and effective networks, which serve as the backbone of the IT infrastructure.

INETMINDS networking solutions help organizations capitalize on the exciting yet increasingly complex advancements in networking technology.

INETMINDS provides expert consulting services in in LAN, WAN, and MAN design, planning and implementation of your IT network requirements.

Our network engineering services include:

  • Network design and implementation
  • Systems integration (multi-vendor environments)
  • Enterprise network management, maintenance, troubleshooting, and monitoring
  • VoIP readiness assessments, design, and implementation
  • Wireless network design and implementation
  • Network performance audits and assessments
  • Secure VPN design and implementation

We maintain our standards through best practices including careful consultant screening, qualifications, peer review, and quality assurance. Our commitment to excellence benefits your enterprise by delivering a high-quality yet economical project outcome in the targeted scope and timeframe.

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